The Biljettforum Gift cardgift card can be used for all events on sale at and can either be ordered as print@home or you can choose to have the gift certificate delivered in an exclusive packaging to you or directly to the person you wish to give it to.

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How can I use the gift card?

Gift cards are used for the purchase of tickets via or via Biljettforum's call center at tel 0771-130 160.

Do I need to activate my gift card?

Previously, you had to activate your gift voucher in order to use it for purchasing tickets. This is no longer necessary, you simple need to enter the PIN no. when buying tickets - whether it is online or through our Customer Service. The PIN no. has been e-mailed to the buyer of the gift certificate by email in connection with the purchase.

How do I redeem the gift certificate?

Once you have found the tickets on and is on the screen "Payment" you can choose to redeem your gift card as payment for your ticket. Here you must enter the gift card number and PIN code.  The value of the gift card will then be discounted your order. If you purchase tickets for more than the value of the gift card, the remaing amount will be paid by credit card. If you purchase tickets for less than the value of the gift card. The remainder is kept on your gift card, which you can use again at a later date.

When you buy tickets from Biljettforum's call center, please point out that you wish to pay with gift card.

How do I balance on my gift card?

You may at any time check the balance on your gift card. Select the menu item "Gift card balance", enter gift card number and PIN code - then you can see the amount available on your gift card.