Collection and use of information

Eventim Sverige AB is sole owner of the information collected on this website. The information is not resold nor will it be utilised in other manner than as appears from the below guidelines.


In order to book tickets on, you must register as user and provide your name, address and payment card. The information is used for completing your purchase. If you have problems in connection with a purchase, cancellation or similar occurs, the information will be used for contacting you.


When you enter your card details, they are submitted directly to PBS. Accordingly, we do not file your card details. The details are exchanged in an encrypted manner, and no one besides you and PBS are able to see them.

Addressing Billetforum

You can address Biljettforum by email, telephone or regular mail.


A cookie is the software stored on the Internet hard drive. It contains information on the user's PC. The use of cookies is not associated with the collection of person identifiable information. When you close the browser, the cookie will disappear again. We use cookies to identify your PC through the purchase process. If you choose to set your browser so that it does not receive cookies, you can move around the website, but you do not have the opportunity to purchase tickets.

Log files

We log the IP addresses (a kind of computer cpr. Number) to administer the website, handle the purchasing process, collect demographic information about users, and more. IP addresses contains no person identifiable information.
IP addresses are not disclosed to third parties. Only in the case of creditcard fraud IP addresses will be reported to the police.


The person responsible for data at Biljettforum is the company, Venuepoint AB.


We disclose information to our business partners, advertisers with more for the market, etc. We share the information with the organisers, as it is a necessary condition for us and the organizers provide the best service. For example. there is an interest for the organisers in order to turn customers up to an event, if a ticket is lost. Similarly, it may be necessary to contact you prior to an event by, for example. program, cancellations or similar.


The details can also be used for contacting you in connection with information about similar events, where it is expected that you could be interested in receiving such information. If the information is used for marketing purposes, it will always be done observing the Swedish Marketing Act and Act on Processing of Personal Data. Email address will never be used for marketing, unless you have accepted the receipt of our newsletter.


This website contains several links. Please note that is not liable to administration and processing of the personal data on certain linked sites. Accordingly, we encourage all of our users to note when they leave our site and always read the relevant sites' policies for processing of personal data. The guidelines described here are only applicable to the processing of personal data on

Competitions, etc..

From time to time, we offer our users to participate in competitions, surveys, etc. You will be asked to give some information about yourself, your name, address, and more. But of course it is always optional, and you want to participate in competitions, surveys and the like.

We make questionnaire surveys to learn more about our users' needs and wants, so we can continuously develop


On our site we observe all precautions to protect our users' information against abuse. When you are asked to enter sensitive information, such as debit and expiry date, the entry is encrypted with the best encryption software on the market - pt. is the SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Not sensitive information, that is, information about the name, address and e-mail address is not stored encrypted. All the information communicated in connection with the acquisition, is transmitted encrypted. We use SSL encryption to protect sensitive information on-line. In addition, we will do everything in our power to protect the information off-line. All our information is subject to a strict biometric security. It will, among others, say that only those employees who need the information to perform a task that has access to them. All our employees have received extensive instruction in our security. Our servers are kept under strict security measures in a closed and locked room.

Access to your information

You always have the opportunity to know what information we hold on you. Simply mail and state your name and address. You will within 10 days receive an email on what information store for you.

In "My page" you can always see the data recorded.


You always have the opportunity to erase data/information that store for you. You just need to send a request to be removed from the along with your name and address. We can not erase tickets for passed event which must be stored in at least 5 years.


We reserve the right to modify the above guidelines. Any changes will always appear on the site. Changing our policy for the processing of personal data, all registered users will be informed of it by e-mail.